Wednesday, October 8, 2008

First attempt....

In honor of going to see my sis this weekend to cheer on the Cats, I thought I would take a new treat to my sister. For awhile now, I have been thinking that pumpkin bread sounded good....and with wearing a jacket this week, hay bales and pumpkins sprouting up on porches across towns, and leaves starting to change color...I thought it seemed like a good time to try it.

I googled "Pumpkin Bread" and found this recipe:
I doubled it and added chocolate chips to two of the three loaves. After a small amount of mandatory taste testing of fresh, hot bread...I have officially declared it- DELICIOUS!! I like it both with and without chocolate chips. Guess it's true that it never hurts to add chocolate to anything! Here are a few pics; let me know if anyone has tried any new recipes with pumpkin in them this fall or have suggestions for other variations on bread. :)
A loaf with the chocolate chips....yum! :)

Another angle of the loaves....

The larger loaf; without chocolate chips.


Anonymous said...

Looks Yummy, Michelle!
Been enjoying your blog and keeping up with your activities!

Michelle said...

Thanks! Meg definitely liked it more than I thought she would!! Apparently mom said Meg loved it when she was little...hope all is well in Denver! :)