Monday, October 6, 2008


Well, I can say that I have survived a very hectic/busy/fun week and spent the entire day yesterday recooperating! To recap....went to Carrie Underwood and Little Big Town Tuesday night with my mom and it was awesome!! We had a really good time and it was a great concert. I am convinced that Carrie and I would clearly be good friends if crossed paths in real life! We my voice and her looks.....we would be unstoppable! We could tour the world together....oh wait, she already does that without me. :(

The long line of cars going into the parking lot....long wait!!

My mama and me; can you tell we are related?!?!
The Carrie Underwood countdown!!!

My secret BFF! :) Great concert!

I digress.....anyway, I spent Wednesday/Thursday helping my parents get their house ready to officially be ready to put on the market....which I am pleased to say it should be listed as of tomorrow! So, if you are looking to buy a house in Topeka...let me know!!

Thursday took me to KC to see old friends and go to continuing education at the Kansas speech conference. It was really good to see my former co-workers and friends from grad school. I haven't been in KC since June and being reminded me why I miss it and why I don't miss it. First of all, there was unexpected construction and traffic was HORRIBLE. It makes me want to shoot people's tires out (I know, road rage much?) Wichita that is not so much a concern. But seeing my friends there makes me miss them and KC! :( So, until next time....thanks for a good weekend together girls.
After the conference ended on Saturday, I high-tailed it to Manhattan to see K-State get STOMPED!! After that, I headed back to for a bit before heading to Texas for the K-State vs. TX A&M game this Saturday. Pretty excited!

In other news; today gas dropped to $2.98/gallon which is AWESOME; not so awesome is that it rained hard as I was going into and leaving work so I got soaked- TWICE! Also, fall is definitely upon us as it was dark when I left work too....hopefully tomorrow is a more cheery day! :)

Enjoy a few pics below from dinner with my grad school buddies!!

My former roomies; Danielle and Leah- too cute!
Maha (welcome back to KC) and Gena (my weekend host!)

Me with Maha's roommate Shelly...
The tan, brown-haired girls.....Angie and Teresa!

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