Monday, October 20, 2008

Such a good day!!!

So I walk into my apartment after work and the gym....and it smells like lemon, and things are gleaming and shining. They do not normally gleam and shine and smell like lemon, however since I signed a 6-month lease with my apartment complex, they had a cleaning company come in for TWO HOURS! It looks so awesome!! Not that I don't clean normally, but they took it to a whole new level! My carpet was also professionally cleaned and looks so nice... The magical cleaning ladies cleaned the shower, toilet, bathroom and kitchen floors, the sink in my bedroom, kitchen sink, the stovetop and the tile by the front door!!!! It looks like a new apartment. Kind of like they came and "shouted out" my whole place...."Get out of here dirt!" ....and out it went! They also folded the blanket on my couch, took the trash out and made the magazines on my coffee table look so pretty...fabulous! I will probably never move out!!

In other news, one of my favorite TV shows was on tonight and I wanted to share in case you haven't already discovered it. "Jon and Kate Plus 8" is on Monday nights at 8 CST....and it makes me want to have 8 little Asian babies...they are SO cute!! I would even have twins and sextuplets I think....well, maybe not, but they are REALLY sweet! Check them out!

To top it off, gas is down to $2.29 per gallon. Hooray!!

Hope everyone else had a great Monday too!


Liz said...

Oh Michelle - you and your Jon and Kate plus 8! Actually, no I love it too. And Amy Poehler?... Not me! :)

Jeff C said...

Hey Michelle,

I really like your blog. My wife has been hinting at getting a cleaning lady for a while now, but I just have this weird thing about strange people going through my things. I'd have to clean everything first before they started cleaning. P.S. - we're also big J&K+8 fans. Ever notice how in every episode, Jon seems like a zombie just waiting for the axe to fall?

Anyway, I hope this is cool, but I found you while searching for Wichita-area bloggers, and I kind of had this weird favor to ask you...

I'm a writer and cartoonist and my brand new syndicated comic strip - "DeFlocked" (endorsed by Larry David) - is one of several new comics up for a vote in your daily paper, The Eagle. I'm earnestly looking for some local support.

Would you mind checking out my strip at, and, if you like my sense of humor, maybe go here and pull the lever for DeFlocked:
It would only take a second, and it would be a HUGE help to me. They also seem to let you vote as often as you like.

Voting ends November 1, so if you could - PLEASE spread the word!!

Thanks, Michelle - I really really appreciate it. Have a great rest of the week and enjoy your cheap gas (ours in CA is still $3.50)!

Jeff Corriveau

Linda J said...

I'm a big Jon & Kate fan too. Have you gotten their new book? I read it in 2 hours!

p.s. - found you through the Douglas & Main website

Linda J said...

Michelle, found you on - a blog talking about other Wichita blogs.

Get the Jon & Kate book. You'll love it!