Monday, September 1, 2008

A little bit of labor on Labor Day!

First of all, I cannot believe that the summer is has FLOWN BY!!! Now, while some might think it might be good to spend Labor Day weekend enjoying the last days of the pool, grilling outside or going to the K-State game, my family and I had other plans. Since my parents house is going on the market in a couple weeks, I was planning on going home to help complete some finishing touches. As a last minute plan unveiled, my sister Megan decided to hitch a ride with her friend who was headed from Dallas to Manhattan for the weekend....Meg got dropped off at my place Friday night and we surprised our parents with Meg's presence, which was joyously received!

So, the weekend consisted of painting, yardwork, hanging pictures & mirrors and moving furniture. Today, my entire body is sore. My sis and I compared the feeling of pain to basketball tryouts in high school....not pleasant. However, after our weekend of work, the house is coming together and I look forward to the day my parents are moved and settled into their new home! My favorite thing about Labor Day is that as I return to work tomorrow, there are only four days until the next weekend! Another upnote is that with the passing of this weekend, fall is right around the corner and it is my most favorite season!! More on that in future posts...

My happy stow-away for the trip: Meg

The beginning of the fun...

The before....

The completed project!

Meg, looking squirrely (what's new!) and doing some painting...good work sister!

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