Monday, August 25, 2008

Dallas in August....

I am home recovering from a whirlwind trip to Dallas, which may be the hottest place on the planet in August!! It's not a bad trip at all from here; only 5 to 5 1/2 hours, but with a busy weekend, I was not too motivated to return to work today! My sister has lived in Dallas for right about one year and she did an excellent job of being a hostess for my parents and me. For those of you that know Meg, know that she is a pretty laid back person; very go-with-the-flow, a quality in her that I admire. So, much to my surprise, prior to our visit, she emailed a "to do" list for our weekend to my parents and me. I was very impressed with her well thought-out trip and all of the activities she had in store for us. Here are a few pics from a good weekend with the people I love the most!

The restaurant Meg took us to for lunch Friday; Truluck' good!!

Later in the afternoon Friday, we went to Dallas Arboretum....very pretty, but also VERY hot!! I would like to visit again sometime maybe in the spring when it's not a hot!!

More flowers from the gardens....

Meg and Dad after surviving the heat in the gardens.

Where we went Saturday morning....very fun!

My sis with a BUNCH of produce! We bought some homemade pasta to split.
Meg and the sweet corn on the cob we tried....they fix it with butter,
mayo and parmesean cheese. I am guessing not "low calorie" bu it was really good!

We went over to Ft. Worth Saturday afternoon for the cattle drive at 4:00...probably not worth the drive, but I had never seen any longhorn cattle before, so it was kind of fun. We were going to go to a mexican restaurant there that's supposed to be great, but the line was out the door at 5...maybe next time!

Some cattle doing their daily walk!!

Meg and Mom at "Blue Mesa" restaurant Saturday night.
Other highlights of the trip included a visit Saturday to the JFK Museum, which was really interesting to see. If you have never been and find yourself in Dallas, I would definitely recommend going. We also went to the infamous "Sprinkles" cupcake store.....$3.50 per cupcake, not worth it but we can say we have done it! A very fun and action-packed trip!!

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