Thursday, August 7, 2008

Cooking Club!

This evening I went with my friend Kara that I work with to her friend Becca's house for our first meeting of a little cooking club. We all brought ingredients for the chosen recipe and then prepared the food together. Very fun! Kara knows Becca through church and there was going to be a girl there that works with Becca, but she couldn't make it; hopefully next time.

Anyway, on tonight's menu was "Chicken with Orange Sauce over Pasta"....pretty tasty! It included chicken breasts, orange juice, red peppers, zuchinni (sp?), leeks and oranges...there are some pictures below, as well as some of the wonderful homemade strawberry pie (including crust!!) that Becca made- so good!!

My fellow chefs: Kara and Becca slaving over the stove...

The finished product!!
The pie crust that fell into the oven, but Becca was able to save it...thank goodness!

The remaining pie crust that was rescued after the slippery fall into the oven! It was just fine!!

Becca with her perfect little pie! She got the cute little pie dish at a store in McPherson. She also told me about a blog that she really enjoys....I am going to put the link on my page, but it's a woman who does all sorts of cooking and posts lots of recipes. Something to check out!

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Em said...

I love Becca! How do you know her? Her older sis Susan is one of my closest girlfriends!