Saturday, August 25, 2012

Update on Life....

Well, I haven't posted since March! What the heck????? I do actually think about it and want to document events and happenings so I can look back on it, but I am a distractable and busy soul. I feel like the last few months have been full! Notably, my last post was about my roommate of 6 months Lindsay moving out. It seems like forever ago! Linds and I still see a lot of each other and I'm so glad that she's only about 5 minutes away. Linds LOVES being back under the same roof as her baby (my niece) Kya. She has made her little house SO cute and she has been very busy training for an upcoming marathon in October. So very proud of her. I have done quite a bit of work around my house, including staining my deck, painting my metal outdoor chairs, fixed my tile in my upstairs bathroom after a leak, had my kitchen ceiling fixed from said leak, painted my kitchen and got new lights in my kitchen and little breakfast nook. Also, last weekend I FINALLY set up a recycling center in my house. I know, seriously, about time. Besides that, I went to Arizona with two of my best friends in May to celebrate all of us turning 30 this year. We had a lot of fun enjoying sun and fun together. In June, my parents and I flew to Dallas for Fathers Day weekend and saw my sis. In July, my parents and I few to Chicago and met my sis to celebrate my mom's 61st birthday. We had an awesome few days of sightseeing, good foods and time togehter. Just last weekend, Linds and I drove to the Lake of the Ozarks and met up with our college roommates Julie and Kylie and spent time with their families. Very nice. Loved the relaxing setting and all the cute kids running around. Outside of house updates and traveling, I have spent quite a bit of time with my boyfriend of 6 months and his sweet puppy dog, Stella. I have also had her stay at my house when he's been out of town. Know that I do still LOVE reading all of your blog posts and hearing what is going on in your lives. Cute kids, lots of pictures from traveling and just daily stories...can't go wrong there. Even though I haven't posted recently I have had some new tech happenings....I got a gmail account to replace my AOL account that I've had since I was 14. Who would have ever guessed?! Also, I set up a google calendar which I'm loving. :) Yep, I know, exciting stuff. Hope to post again sooner than later. I'm looking into a new laptop as mine is end of life. Fingers crossed. :)

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