Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I can't believe.....

We're barely into Lent and as I mentioned before, I gave up "desserts" for these LONG 40 days. My friend Sharee gave them up with me and we went ahead and defined desserts as "cookies, brownies, cake, candy and ice cream, plus cinnamon rolls, etc". I've been doing pretty good with it; I definitely love some sweets but can go periods of time without them. However, 40 days without any is tough! You know you're desperate when sugar-free jello is sounding kinda awesome.

So, today at work there were some glorious looking donuts and THEY LOOKED SO GOOD! Ugh! Funny thing is when I was growing up I didn't really like donuts and especially not icing. My have times changed! It got me to thinking about all of the other foods that I didn't like when I was younger and now can't imagine not liking them!

-hummus (I could literally eat my body weight in it!)
-guacamole (um, hello?!)
-grilled cheese
-sushi (yum-o!)

I still can't get into crunchy peanut butter or coconut though! Any foods your taste buds have changed their minds about over the years?

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