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No Carb Left Behind...

I FINALLY ordered and received my pictures from my trip to Australia and New Zealand that I experienced this fall with Megan. We had an amazing time getting to travel around, looking at awesome scenery and......of course, trying out the amazing cuisine and beverages of another country! While looking through pictures, I realized how MANY pictures of our tasty treats I took over our the course of our three-week trip....perhaps too many per my lovely sister but I'm glad I took them! I'm also super pumped that I wrote down a description of everything. I thought it was about time I share a little about our trip. I wrote up our basic rundown of everything we did but I'll try to put some posts up with more interesting stories so you can get a feel for the trip and so I can remember more when looking back. Here's a smattering of what we ate (what didn't we eat?!?!) during the trip- shocking that we didn't gain a ton of weight....definitely thankful for all the walking we did during our sight seeing! So here've been warned; it's quite a few pictures. Look at your own risk. Could be time consuming!

City #1- Perth, Australia:

This is a beer Meg had at her apartment that she lived in while in Perth. It's called "Little Creatures" and brewed there. She was pretty into it. I thought it was "okay".

During our daytrip the second day I was in Perth, we took the train up to Fremantle, where there are tons of shops and little restaurants. Meg and I split a chocolate-banana shake....much thinner than our shakes here in the U.S......and we also split an order of churros! So good!


Some things you can count matter what continent you're on! My delicious staple of Diet Coke.

This is a "Beef Pie". Oh my goodness....they love their pies! It's essentially a chicken pot pie idea, but with beef. Meg's friends there were shocked to find out this isn't something we "Americans" survive on during winter. They can't imagine living without PIES! They were like, "What do you eat in the winter?!?!? It didn't taste badly, but I didn't love it either. It's beef and gravy but tastes really salty and is packed with sodium. Tricky to read the nutrition labels there though as they list units of "energy".

After my first beef pie experience, we took a boat over to Rottnest Island which is completely a no vehicle island. Basically just a place to go hang out, have some lunch and take in the scenery. This is a picture of our glorious "chips". Instead of eating their "fries" with ketchup, which is of course common in the U.S. or even with ranch, they use either sour cream or mayo (Greek aleloi). At first we were a little grossed out, but turns out.....pretty tasty! Nothing like dipping a fried food in a vat of fat!

Along with our chips, we split this sandwich, which had chicken, cheese and avacado on it.

Our last morning in Perth, Meg and I went to breakfast and each had pear and cream stuffed french toast with strawberries. Uh-ma-zing!!!! So good!

This is Meg and a "Tim Tam". Oh my gawd. My sister LOVES these!!! She has since discovered them in the states and couldn't be happier about it really. It's a wafer cookie covered in chocolate and the protocol (which she is trying to show me in the above picture) is where you bite off opposing ends and suck coffee or hot tea through it and it becomes soggy and you put it in your melt where it essentially melts and goes directly on your hips. ;)

We had a day of wine and brewery touring....this is a pic of Meg with her Skippy Light beer at Elmer's. Really good.

Our last night in Perth, we went to dinner at "Must" with Meg's friend Crystal that she worked with and had some surprisingly great food. This was my dinner, which was actually an appetizer (and plenty of food) since the meals were like a bazillion dollars. It was a cheese tart, salad and the biggest piece of asparagus EVER.

City #2- Sydney, Australia:

After our first day of sight-seeing in Sydney, Meg and I found some AWESOME Italian food to share at "Giovanni's". Makes me hungry for pasta and pizza just looking at the pictures! Neither of us had any idea how much Italian food there is in Sydney! Insane amounts!! We split the above tortellini stuffed with sausage and had cream sauce and mushrooms and proscutto, as well as the sausage and pepperoni pizza below.

Day 2 of Sydney including a stop in Sydney Harbor for lunch. REALLY crappy service. There is not much motivation for servers or waiters to do a good job as there isn't any tipping in Australia or New Zealand. Anyway, Meg and I split some bruschetta and also had the above pictured sausage and sundried tomato penne, as well as the chicken crepes. Too much food honestly but we survived.

We did NOT have this while we were traveling abroad but we had to take a picture of the MegaMac! It was insane! Who eats 4 beef patties?! Australians apparently!

These are Singapore noodles. My sister was addicted to them while she lives in OZ. They are as good as they look.

Fish and "chips" are a beachside tradition on Mainly Beach so of course we checked them out.

This is actually from the winery we went to outside of Perth but we shared it with some take out pizza in our Sydney hotel room.

Speaking of pizza and crazy amounts of Italian food, Meg and I split this pizza and pasta our last night in Sydney. (Do you see what I'm saying about all the carb action?!) This food was good enough to fly back to Australia for and endure the 24 hour trip! We knew we were onto something when there was a line out the door when we got there. Our order was Four Seasons pizza and chicken spaghetti. We met a couple from Georgia. The ONLY other Americans we saw the whole time we were in OZ. They were super friendly.

City #3- Cairnes, Australia:

This was the spread we had on our boat while our snorkeling and scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef. We had a lunch break and they had a buffet set up and it was good. If you can't tell from the picture, this was a slice of ham (Meg passed on it), a chicken leg (again, Meg said no thanks), pasta, salad, cold beets, potatos salad, couscous and a roll.

City #4- Queenstown, New Zealand-

Meg and I were PUMPED with the food in Queenstown after everything being pretty crazy expensive in Australia. Queenstown revealed itself to be a host to many backpackers and you could tell the town was catering to that fact. There were lots of lunch and dinner specials at various restaurants. We found this Thai restaurant our first day there and it was SO good and SO cheap. We split some spring rolls (including the carrot flower), as well as some fried rice and lo mein noodles.

Man, oh man. This was a BURGER! Queenstown is pretty small and everyone is always walking around checking out the shops and activity. We had been there for a couple days and walked by "Fergburger" a few times and no matter what time it was, it was ALWAYS packed! So on our last day in NZ, we got a burger and fry to split and it was AWESOME! I guess it's local to Queenstown and a local favorite. We enjoyed the burger on the patio and watched all the people walk by.

This last picture is from our last night in Queenstown. After the above mentioned burger earlier in the day, we did some window shopping and packed up for our long flight back to the states. While we were out shopping, one of the local girls working at a shop told us about a pizza place in the middle of town and RAVED about their pizza. We figured we should give it a try....when will we cross this way again, right? It was amazing....we ate it sitting on the beach looking at the water and mountains. Definitely a unique pizza but surprisingly tasty. On the pizza was chicken, green onion, brie, red pepper, and to dip there was chili sauce with pistacio sour cream. Very rich.

Now, don't worry...we have also sampled pretty much all of the gelato and ice cream shops in all of OZ and NZ. Not to mention the airplane food.....will mention that more when I tell about our CRAZY traveling experiences!

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