Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy STF Anniversary!

This morning I realized it's been two years since I started working at St. Francis. This blows my mind that two years have passed! I miss my Wichita friends, of course, and am grateful that I still see many of them fairly regularly! I am also grateful for the new friends I have made in Topeka. It seems hard to believe that two years ago I didn't know any of them.

So, how am I celebrating such a big event you might ask?! I'm having a meal tonight that I was probably pretty into when I was 8 or 9. A hot dog, cheetos and cottage cheese and diced peaches. Yum. Well, it's probably a little different than when I was a kiddo- it's a Hebrew brand hot dog. Not sure what's in it (probably don't wanna know) but my mom told me about them awhile back and I think they're pretty tasty. Can't go wrong for only 40 calories. And those glorious Cheetos are the baked kind but I really like 'em. And you wanna know the perfect way to have cottage cheese and peaches? Make sure the peaches are at room temperature and the cottage cheese is nice and cold. You'll thank me later.

Anyway, so on this day of celebration, it was the most crazy busy day in the history of the world. I am grateful. I will definitely not complain about overtime when I had an unexpected bill at the Ford shop yesterday when I had to buy a new air/vent/thingy that attaches to the engine and sucks air in. (Make sense? Yeah, me neither, but the people that know stuff tell me it's crucial to the engine.) Work definitely seems like a feast or famine kind of deal sometimes.....rarely is it just a steady, predictable caseload....which, in general I like. I really like how every day is different and it's dynamic and you constantly are "on" and having to think. I had a couple really tricky patients today and although they are challenging, it makes me go, "Oh yeah, that's why I do this." One of my VERY FAVORITE PATIENTS EVER is going home this weekend. He couldn't be more excited and I'm really happy for him but I'm really going to miss him!

In other breaking news, in case you happen to not live in the snowed. Again. Last night we got 4.5" of snow here and the meteorologist proudly reported that we have received 30" in the last month in Topeka. I'm sorry, but that's too much. I definitely find myself dreaming of warmer weather, grilling outside and even of mowing the grass! Gasp! Remind me I said that in a few months when I'm complaining about how much I hate to mow!

In further disturbance, one of K-State's main players is rumored to have failed a drug test and out for the rest of the b-ball seaon. Seriously guy?!?!?!? What a disappointment for a season where dreams were SO big! I'm not gonna stop cheering but I get so sick of trying to defend the team. If things get much worse, I might have to play in the match up against KU on Monday. Now that would be a game! Speaking of KU, has everyone seen the Flash Mob clip that is going around from the KU/MU game on Monday night? I absoultely LOVE a Flash Mob and thought this was pretty impressive!

Hope everyone had a Happy Hump Day! Countdown to the weekend is on!!

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