Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bubbling over!

My excitement is two-fold tonight:

1) Our basketball team had a fantastic time tonight. We replayed the girls that beat us by 50 our first game and we were only down by 7 at halftime and ended up losing by only 24....a major improvement for us! We all had a really good time and a great workout.

2) I am flying to Dallas after work to my babys sister's and Friday morning we are flying to Jamaica! Couldn't be more thrilled. After working lots of extra hours this fall, looking forward to some sister time, relaxing and visiting our friends who live in Kingston. Nice to escape to a beach when it's about 35 degrees tonight.

Going to finish packing....I bought SPF 100+ sunscreen the other day at Walgreens (yes, I didn't know they made it either). I know for sure it's already in the suitcase. Fingers crossed to no sunscreen misuse and a burnt Michelle. Pictures/stories when we get back! Have a great week!!


Kylie said...

Yay!!! A tropic vacation in the winter is awesome! You are going to have so much fun, can't wait to hear about it all and see the pictures. Watch out for the guys trying to sell things out in the ocean!

suvidha galaxy said...

Nice to See. I will come back again.
Keep it up.
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