Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Last Box.

On the way to the K-State game Saturday, my cousin Jennifer who was visiting from Denver, went with me to Dillons to get some Wheat Thins on the way to my parents house. We were headed to Manhattan with plenty of dips and needed more dippable items. Anyway, we stopped by the local Dillons to grab a box. It took a dramatic turn when we realized it was the very last day that location was open! They closed it and opened a new one today....which is just sad since it's "my" store that I grew up going to. Here are a few last pictures that we took to savor the memories.

The super empty shelves.....

Jennifer making a sad face over the last box of Wheat Thins in the whole place!! Extra tasty!


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I'm glad I got to go there one last time when I was home in October!!!