Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mini Reunion

I graduated from KU's grad program for speech therapy in 2006. Hard to believe it has been over 3 years that I have been a part of the work force! Many of the girls (there was only one guy) are still in the KC area, but with schedules and busy lives; it's hard to get together. However, last night I got to see quite a few friends from school! We got together since our friend Jaclyn was in town from Corpus Christi, Texas. Her husband is in the Navy and they spent the last almost 3 years in Hawaii and were transferred to Texas. It is her hubby's 10-year reunion this weekend in KC so we got some girls together to get caught up! We went to Baja 600, a mexican restaurant on the plaza in KC and then had some drinks. We went through a lot together in those two years of school and it's exciting to see where everyone is now and what is to come. Hope it won't be so long before we can all get together again!

Leah (who just bought her first house), Jennie (who just moved back from San Diego), Angie (who just moved into her first house with her hubby), and Gena who is having a baby girl in Dec.

Teresa who is moving back to her hometown in north central Kansas next month, me and Maha who recently traveled to Spain.

The whole group at dinner.

Jaclyn who was in town from Texas!!

Jennie and Leah

My ex-roommates: Leah and Danielle

Angie, Jennie, Jaclyn and Teresa catching up.

Standing in order of heighth the Gran Falloon on the Plaza. :)

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