Wednesday, June 24, 2009

If you cook it....they will come....

Last night was the Painting Party....Part 2. Yes, that's right, it's beyond me that people were so kind to come over last week and paint, but yet, they returned last night and did it again! I feel that it could have been motivated by promises of chicken enchiladas. Mmm. Nevertheless....the living room and dining room are now painted (the living room for a second time) and I am getting that much closer to actually moving in! I think they all did a great job!! :)

With the excitement of last night, I also got to use my oven for the first pumped! It worked so well (you never know!) and I captured a few pictures to share.
The first cooked item out of the oven!
My friend Sarah's kids.....too cute and very helpful!
Jennifer hard at work.
The finished product!! Much preferred to the previous dark burgandy color!

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