Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Go figure!!

Today is my last day for my lease for my apartment in Wichita. So, clearly I needed to get all of my stuff out and the place cleaned up. Big thanks to my dad for volunteering to go down Thursday night to meet the movers Friday morning so I wouldn't have to use vacation time at work. However, what are the odds we get snow and ice at the END OF MARCH?!?!? Due to the weather; Bob was trapped in Wichita until Sunday, (not like on the side of the road; he was in a nice hotel with plenty of March Madness to watch!) but thankfully the time period in my life where I have boxes in all different locations is over! Now, everything for the most part is in storage except for what I really need at my parents' house....until I find a house. I have started to look but plan to stay here for a bit, at least until I find a house I really like! Kind of fun to look though; but mildly overwhelming. I will definitely try to post updates with that venture and welcome any tips when looking! :)

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Kylie said...

Sad you couldn't make it...see you next weekend!!