Sunday, August 17, 2008

Where does the weekend go?!?

So, I had a very fun-filled weekend, but it seems like my days off go by twice as fast as when I am at work! Saturday morning I finally went to the Farmers Market "on the west side" of town. So worth it!! My friends Jenna and Jeremy wanted to go to, so we made the trip over and got some great produce! I got some corn at Gattert's stand and it's really good! Also got a cantelope at Beck's and it is very tasty as well. Got a variety of tomatoes and peaches and so far, the ones I have tried are really good. Very impressed!

Then Saturday night, my friend Lindsay and I went to the K-State Alumni beer tasting and had a lot of fun. It was all Sam Adams and they catered Jet's BBQ, which was pretty good. It was quite the diverse crowd and we met some really nice fellow K-Staters. After the event, we met our friend Kylie to see "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants II". It was good, but probably not worth the $9 we each paid.
Today I went to see my friend Dan, who was a patient at the nursing home I worked at when I first moved here. After a few months in an assisted living facility, he returned to his own home in May and I go see him every few weeks and take him to dinner. Today I made another peach pie and took it there. We went to Village Inn, played some cards and then had a little pie (we were pretty full from dinner!)...he is such a sweet person and always appreciative of having company. I value our friendship and he also makes me realize how lucky I am for all that I have, as many of his friends and family have passed away. It's always good to see him! Here are a couple pics from the weekend:
Jenna at the market.

All of my good finds at the market...yum!

My friend Dan all ready to go to dinner.


CC said...

love the new blog decs! how'd you do that?

sounds like a nice weekend. i'm so proud of how much fun you seem to have in Wichita! makes me miss home sometimes!

oregon_holts said...

I'm very proud of your farmer's market attendance. Keep it up! Remember Michelle: "Eat locally, THINK globally". :) I'm turning into some kind of a hippie I think.